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Mold Prevention

An Extraordinary Approach

While mold complaints and lawsuits are steadily rising, as well as the cost for traditional treatments, ENCLEAN has spent the 21st century searching for more effective, economical, and lasting methods for mold remediation and prevention – and we have succeeded.

Highly Effective / Environmentally Safe

Cutting the cost of traditional, non-effective mold remediation by as much as one-third, and increasing peace-of-mind by a decade, ENCLEAN incorporates into its mold prevention program an extraordinary product that is an EPA-registered, environmentally-safe anti-microbial that prohibits the growth of mold on any surface to which it is applied.

Lower Cost / Better Results

The ENCLEAN process does more than guarantee to keep structures mold free for 10 years, it costs substantially less while yielding much better results. While traditional treatments can cost up to $10 per square foot and leave unsightly damage, the ENCLEAN method costs under $.75 per square foot. And through its unique thermal imagery detection of moisture, ENCLEAN only removes the infrastructure that must be negotiated to reach the source of the mold - saving everyone time, money, and a lot of inconvenience.

Simple and Safe / Guaranteed

Whether repairing an exiting structure or building a new one, ENCLEAN ensures a clean, mold free environment for years to come. The application of anti-microbial is simple and safe. During the build process, ENCLEAN enters before the drywall and insulation are installed and applies a mold treatment to the surfaces of the building interior. The application alters the surface face and does not allow mold growth if a water leak occurs - even ten years later. Guaranteed.

A Universal Appeal

Homeowners, property managers, developers, and builders can all benefit from ENCLEAN's unique approach to mold management and prevention. Whether a single-family home or a multi-story building is being affected by water damage and mold infestation, ENCLEAN will respond within 24 hours and provide you with the information and knowledge you need to make an educated decision on how to approach the problem, and find a resolution that fits your budget and your needs.

Builders and developers who partner with ENCLEAN provide their clients with the comfort of knowing that a safer, environmentally friendly, and more durable product has been used to protect their investment. Through the use of specialized treatments and techniques, ENCLEAN stops mold contamination in new construction before it has a chance to begin.

Partnership is easy through the ENCLEAN Builders Program, which is designed to facilitate a simple, effective, and affordable service to builders. Developers who participate in the Builders Program garner ENCLEAN's 10-year mold free guarantee, water intrusion warranty work, package pricing, and proactive construction measures to prevent water leaks.

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Universal Appeal


At ENCLEAN, an environmental cleaning specialty firm based in ST. Petersburg, Florida, we have set the benchmark for prevention. Familiar with water-damaged and mold-inhabited structures, our professionals have acquired a unique and proven method for removing and preventing mold that is unmatched by any other company, and we have a 10 year guarantee to prove it - as well as hundreds of immensely grateful customers.

Builders and homeowners alike will enjoy the peace-of-mind the ENCLEAN 10-year Guarantee provides. This work warranty guarantees that mold will not return to any ENCLEAN treated surface for 10 years. Even if the structure is flooded or has reoccurring water intrusion, ENCLEAN stands behind our work, our guarantee, and most importantly - our customers.

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