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    As we continue to navigate the evolving impact of the Coronavirus, Enclean encourages businesses to take
    appropriate steps to protect their customers and employees by actively ensuring your environment is
    protected against the Coronavirus. Enclean provides a cost effective treatment that can treat all surface
    areas to protect and sanitize against the virus and microorganisms. Provide the comfort of knowing that a
    safer, environmentally friendly and durable product has been used to protect the well-being of others.
    Through the use of specialized treatment techniques Enclean can help give you and building occupants peace of mind.

    Enclean has been treating multifamily structures, offices and schools for 16 years to prevent

    microorganism of all kinds including mold and viruses.


    Enclean has completed treatment at various multifamily and single family projects around the

    U.S. and Caribbean.


    Enclean provides businesses with an upfront, cost effective solution to eliminating and

    preventing various infectious contaminations on porous surfaces.

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    An Extraordinary Approach

    Enclean’s products to sanitize and protect against COVID 19 microbes is EPA registered as a disinfectant that kills over 130 infectious organisms for over 20 years.


    Special attention will be paid to common “hot spots” and high-touch points like door handles and faucets.


    These products have been formulated and tested for use on more surfaces, in more situations and to kill more single cell organisms than any other product.


    Lower the probability of spreading or contracting the Coronavirus with this powerful antimicrobial product.

    We are the environmental cleaning specialists with

    44 years experience

    ISO 9002

    Manufactured in an ISO 9002 facility by one of the world's most respected companies.

    EPA Registration

    Proper EPA Registration in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.


    Colorless, odorless application.

    Chemically Safe

    No leaching or off gassing of dangerous chemicals.

    What we do ?



    Antimicrobial prevention

    Antimicrobial prevention coating 40+ history of preventing microbial growth.


    EPA registered

    Extraordinary product that is EPA registered.


    Cut traditional costs

    Cut traditional cost of non-effective mold remediation by half.

    Antimicrobial solution

    Antimicrobial solution prohibits mold growth on any surface to which it is applied.


    Eliminate Mold

    Eliminates existing mold and prevents mold growth.

    Environmentally safe

    Peace-of-mind for a decade and environmentally safe.

    Enclean has ZERO claims on its 10 year warranty guaranteed.
    We save you time, money and your reputation!


    Multifamily builders can benefit from Enclean’s unique approach to mold management and prevention.  When the structure is being affected by water damage and mold infestation Enclean will respond within 24 hours and provide you with the information and knowledge needed to make an educated decision on how to approach the problem and find a resolution that fits your budget and needs.

    50,000 units and 10,000 homes have been treated by Enclean and have remained mold free

    Costs substantially less while yielding much better results than traditional soda blasting.

    Simple, effective and affordable treatment for multifamily builders.


    Builders should have a contingency plan in place relating to frame stage mold contamination as building inspectors are cracking down on this issue.  If you are building a multifamily project during the humid and wet summer months chances are you will encounter a mold infestation.  Even the biggest names in the multifamily building industry have spent millions of unnecessary dollars on insurance claims that can be prevented.

    Enclean has set the benchmark for mold prevention in the multifamily builders sector.  Familiar with water damaged and mold inhabited structures we have a proven method for removing and preventing frame stage mold that is unmatched by any other company along with our 10 year guarantee to prove it – as well as hundreds of immensely grateful customers.


    Our certified mold Technicians hold the proper applicator certifications that allow us to use special cleaning agents. The anti-mold solution contains nano-technology that helps it penetrate and protect new building materials. Additionally, the cleaner resists and repels water, and bonds to surfaces.

    The process usually takes two days to finish. The first day, we take moisture readings to ensure the product can be applied. We also spot clean any areas where mold appears. The second day, we spray on the agent that kills the mold and resists it for years. 

    In fact, this product comes with a 100% Satisfaction, 10-year transferrable warranty against mold growth on any treated surface. This helps to guarantee your property will be mold-free for many years to come.


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